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Quad Lock News

Quad Lock Black Friday Sale 2023

Quad Lock's Black Friday Sale is here! With the holidays just around the corner, it's the perfect time to spoil yourself and your loved ones with the best Quad Lock deals.

Grab ALL Quad Lock gear for 30% sitewide during our biggest sale of the year 👇


What are the Best Quad Lock Black Friday deals?

Don't miss our amazing once-a-year Black Friday sitewide sale! Get 30% off everything, plus save even more with our exclusive Black Friday bundles.

Shop now and find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

    Quad Lock Black Friday Exclusive

    Save even more with Quad Lock's exclusive Black Friday bundles!

    Everyday Carry Pack $104.95

    Get a Ring Phone Stand, MAG Wallet, and MAG Battery Pack for one incredible price. This bundle is perfect for staying connected and on the go.

    Travel Pack $154.95

    The Travel Pack includes everything you need to stay powered up and connected on your next adventure: a Ring Phone Stand, MAG Wallet, MAG Battery Pack, Tripod Selfie Stick, and Lanyard.

    Ultimate MAG Pack $204.95

    This bundle is for the true Quad Lock fan! It includes a Coloured MAG Ring, MAG Wallet, MAG Battery Pack, Dual Desktop Wireless Charger, and Power Adaptor 18W.


    What's New

    Quad Lock What's New

    2023 has been a year of innovation, with new product releases in every category imaginable. We've got you covered, from motorbike mounts to iPad cases. Check out our top picks for the year.

    iPad 6 Mini Case & Folio

    After many years of customers asking for Quad Lock iPad cases, Quad Lock has responded, releasing a case for the iPad mini (6th Gen). Its slim, lightweight design features Quad Lock’s renowned edge-to-edge protection to keep your device safe and secure at home and when mounted in your truck, plane, or boat.

    Quad Lock iPad 6 Mini

    Motorbike Brake/Clutch and Brake Reservoir Mount

    Quad Lock's new motorcycle mounts are a great option for riders with limited space on their handlebars, fork stems, or mirrors. These mounts are compatible with a wider range of motorcycles, including maxi scooters, and provide a secure and convenient way to mount your phone.

    Quad Lock Brake/Clutch Mount


    We’ve released a large range of accessories this year including our MAG Battery Pack, MAG Wallet and a Tripod/Selfie Stick.

    The Quad Lock MAG Wallet is a sleek and compact wallet that attaches to the back of any Quad Lock MAG Case.

    The Quad Lock MAG Battery Pack is a strong and secure portable power bank crafted for those who are always on the go.

    The Quad Lock Tripod/Selfie Stick is a 2-in-1 accessory that combines a sturdy tripod mount with an extendable selfie stick, allowing users to capture stable high-quality photos and videos from every angle.

    CarPlay Adaptor

    Tired of fumbling with cables to connect your iPhone to CarPlay? The Quad Lock Wireless CarPlay Adaptor is here to help. Simply plug the adapter into your car's USB port, pair your iPhone, and go. Your iPhone will automatically connect to CarPlay whenever you start your car.

    360 Concealed Base

    Expanding our marine range, we introduce the Quad Lock 360 Concealed Small Base and Concealed through Cable Base.

    This standard base has a two-hole mounting pattern, a small footprint, and a cover to conceal the screws, giving a clean and streamlined look.

    The Concealed Through Cable base is essentially the same, but with an additional hole to pass through the cable for the 12V-24V Waterproof Wireless Charging Head.

    12V-24V Waterproof Wireless Charging Head

    Designed specifically for boats, this charger is perfect for keeping your phone powered up and ready to use while you are out on the water.

    With an IP67 rating, the Quad Lock 12V-24V Waterproof Wireless Charger is built from a combination of diecast aluminium and reinforced plastics that can withstand even the harshest marine conditions.


    Quad Lock Case

    All Quad Lock cases are now on sale, so it's the perfect time to start your Quad Lock collection!

    Choose from the original Quad Lock case, the Quad Lock MAG case, or the Universal Adaptor. With Quad Lock, you can mount your phone securely to your bike, car, motorcycle, bicycle, boat or plane making it easy to stay connected and on the go.

    Quad Lock MAG Case



    Create the perfect motorcycle setup with our range of Motorcycle Mounts.

    Handlebar Mount

    Mount your phone directly to your handlebars for easy access and visibility.

    Fork Stem Mount

    Mount your phone to the fork stem for a more secure and stable hold.

    Brake/Clutch Mount

    Mount your phone to the brake or clutch lever for a unique and convenient mounting solution.

    Brake Reservoir Mount

    Mount your phone to the brake reservoir for a clean and minimalist look.

    Quad Lock Motorcycle Mounts

    Add a Vibration Dampener to your setup to absorb the vibrations of the bike and protect your phone.

    Or, add a Weatherproof Wireless Charger to charge your phone on the go while you're riding.


    Car and 4x4
    Windshield Suction Cup Mount

    Securely attach your phone to your windshield or dash with the Windshield Suction Cup Mount. Perfect for daily driving or off-roading adventures!

    Vent Mount

    The sleek and subtle Vent Mount attaches to the slats of your vents, keeping your phone hidden and out of the way.

    Adhesive Dash Mount

    With its 3M VHB adhesive and flexible base, the Adhesive Dash Mount can adhere to flat and slightly curved surfaces, giving you the perfect spot to mount your phone.

    The Best Phone Car Mount

    Add a Wireless Charging Head to any of our mounts to charge your phone wirelessly while you drive. Never run out of battery again! Choose between our Standard Twist and Lock Head or opt for our MAG version for easy attachment.



    Now is the perfect time to get a bike mount! With our Stem Mount or Out Front Mount, you can conveniently keep your phone right in front of you during rides, enabling seamless navigation and staying connected while on the move.

    Quad Lock Out Front Mount Pro



    Customise and create the ultimate boat or kayak mounting solution using Quad Lock 360. This modular range allows customers to configure a mount suited to their boat or kayak.

    With over 200 different combinations, customers can now configure the perfect mount for their specific application. Never miss a moment on your next fishing trip. Use a phone mount to navigate the waters and a camera mount to capture your catches!

    Quad Lock Boat



    The MAG Dual Desktop Wireless Charger and Wireless Charging Pad. Both mounts feature in-built magnets for perfect alignment with the charging head and wireless charging pad every time. With Wireless charging, you can keep your phone always charged and even your AirPods PRO simultaneously with the Dual Desktop Wireless Charger. So convenient!



    Introducing the Quad Lock Golf Mount, the ultimate solution for securely mounting your phone to golf buggies, carts, or trolleys. Designed with golfers in mind, this mount ensures easy attachment and convenient access to your phone while on the course.



    For more Quad Lock gear, visit our website at quadlockcase.net

    Grab ALL Quad Lock gear for 30% sitewide during our biggest sale of the year 👇

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