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A Quad Lock Feature - Curve Cycling

Welcome to the first of our Quad Lock Features. A series of videos showcasing a few of our friends doing really cool things.

This Quad Lock Feature focuses on our good mates from just around the corner of our Melbourne office, Steve, Jesse, Adam and Ryan of Curve Cycling.

Created from a love of cycling, Curve Cycling builds tough bikes, made for adventures (you may have heard of a little race called the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, which the guys started).

What originally started out as just wheels, the team from Curve have consulted with some of Australia's most respected riders to build the ultimate adventure bikes, which they ride on some of the most epic endurance races (IPWR and Race to the Rock to name a few).

"We believe that the world is a better place when people are out riding their bike. We strive to give fellow riders new and exciting experiences via our products and adventures."

Here's how a bunch of cyclists took "a crazy idea" to a global cycling business.
[ Transcript ]

Steve: "What would be the hardest thing to do in the cycling industry besides trying to become a pro cyclist... let's start a brand."

Jesse: "Steve's always had crazy ideas, most of them just completely stupid. But yeah, with this bike idea that was bigger than Ben Hur..."

Steve: "...for it to be the biggest adventure cycling brand in the world."

Jesse: ..."and thought okay well let's just focus on wheels, that's a good starting point."

Adam: "He put something on Facebook, going I'm involved with some wheel company, do you need some wheels for your bike? It was perfect timing and came down and put some wheels on my bike and I really loved them and went hey, I wonder if there's anything I can do to help? I was one of the Curve's first customers and that quickly turned into one of Curve's first marketers.

Steve: "I reckon I had probably thirty possible brand names. Most of them were actually places. One that always comes to mind was Kilmore, for some reason that came on the list. It's a place that we drive past quite often when we go to the high country. Kilmore always popped up on the sign. Wonder if that would work as a brand name? Bit grim sounding but kind cool. So it just got whittled down and I raised Curve as one of my favourites. The word curve is generally spoken about in a positive light. Curves in the road is always a nice thing, curves in the trail... curves in general. Nice. So that's how it kind of stuck."

Ryan: "There's like three guys in a shed when it all started"

Jesse: "We wanted products that we want to use ourselves and we'd stake our own adventures on."

Ryan: "Sometimes those bikes don't exist. Why does a brand exist and why do these bikes exist?"

Adam: "We were just carbon wheels and we were at the time working on frames and we had a lot of ideas but being such a small company with only three people was pretty hard to bring those ideas to reality."

Steve: "There's obviously a minimum order quantities that you have to be able to ship."

Adam: "Once the first frame came out, which we did by a crowdfunding project, which was not crowdfunding like we know it via Kickstarter or anything like that it was literally just by asking our mates if they would want to buy a frame or pre buy a frame and next thing you know we'd sold 20 frames and we had our first frame out on the market."

Steve: "Most of time it's not labeled a race but it's always a race."

Adam: "Endurance isn't easy. Nor is starting business."

Jesse: "It's a battle. It's a bit of a fight for survival. You're scrapping for a living"

Ryan: "You're scrapping for a living. You get pretty beaten up that's for sure. You know there's highs, there's lows. It's hard work. It's fun.

Adam: "You know you've just got to work at it and know that know that you can make it. I think the worlds much better place with bikes involved in it."

Ryan: "You know there are people all over the world that a part of the broader family of Curve and I think that's what's special about the brand."

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