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Best Ducati Scrambler/Monster Motorcycle Mount for iPhone/Galaxy?

If you are a keen motorcycle rider, adventurer rider or tourer and use GPS or need to easily access your smartphone on-the-go then you're going to need a good system to mount your iPhone or Galaxy to your Ducati Scrambler or Ducati Monster with confidence.

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With Quad Lock quickly gaining popularity amongst the Ducati motorcycle community we are noticing that more and more people are asking, does the Quad Lock Motorcycle smartphone mount fit my bike?

We are happy to confirm that for all those Ducati Scrambler or Ducati Monster riders out there, yes it does and that we have cases for iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, Huawei and a Universal option!

Photo credit: @nx650_003

Motorcycle riders all around the world are using Quad Lock handlebar mounts to securely attach their iPhone or Galaxy to their motorcycles. We are noticing a big trend with the Ducati community especially on YouTube and Instagram choosing to use and recommending Quad Lock as it's perfect for their Ducati's.

Quad Lock is the perfect system for touring, city rides and off-road adventures for so many reasons.

  • It Fits the Ducati Scrambler and Monster handlebars perfectly.
  • Quick and easy to attach/detach.
  • Quad Lock iPhone/Galaxy cases are sleek, secure and impact resistant
  • Patented dual-stage system means you can ride with confidence, knowing. your iPhone or Galaxy will stay securely attached.
  • Easily access your iPhone or Galaxy to view GPS navigation as you ride.
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Quad Lock Motorcycle iPhone/Galaxy Mount Key Features

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Custom Coloured Motorcycle Handlebar Mounts for iPhone or Galaxy

We recently released custom Coloured Lever Mounts so you can now change up your Motorcycle Handlebar mount from the standard Quad Lock blue to match your Ducati style! Choose from 3 colours, red, black or blue.

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Ducati Scrambler/ Monster Riders on Instagram - #quadlock

With more and more riders using Quad Lock on their Ducati's we are seeing lots of cool shots coming through! If you want to be featured or take a closer look, head to our Instagram page @quadlockmoto and for a chance to be featured don't forget to #quadlock in any posts! 

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