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The Best Phone Mount for Chevy Silverado

Whether navigating city streets or conquering off-road challenges, the reliable Chevy Silverado deserves a trusty phone mount as its copilot.

With phones becoming an essential part of many adventures, having a reliable phone mount is crucial for navigation, hands-free calling, and easy access to your favourite songs.

Here are the options for safe and secure phone mounting for Chevy Silverado.

    1. Quad Lock Vent Mount

    For those who prefer a different mounting option, the Quad Lock Vent Mount offers a sleek and versatile solution. The clever hook design firmly holds the mount in a variety of car vents including the vents in a Chevy Silverado.

    Secure Vent Attachment

    The Quad Lock Vent Mount attaches securely to your Silverado's air vents without blocking airflow. This ensures your phone stays cool, even during long drives, and remains easily accessible without obstructing your view of the road.

    Attach and detach your phone with one hand

    Quad Lock's dual-stage mechanism makes attaching and detaching your phone a breeze.

    Universal Compatibility

    The Quad Lock Vent Mount is designed to be universally compatible with most smartphones, making it a versatile choice for various devices. Whether you have the latest iPhone or an Android device, this mount has you covered.


    2. Quad Lock Adhesive Dash Mount

    With 3M VHB adhesive and a flexible base, the Dash Mount effortlessly adheres to both flat and slightly curved surfaces within your Chevy. This mount offers a sleek and minimalistic design that seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's interior.

    Adhesive Strength

    The Quad Lock Adhesive Dash Mount utilises a high-strength 3M VHB adhesive, providing a secure bond to your Silverado's dashboard or console. Once installed, you can trust that your phone will stay in place, even during bumpy rides or sudden stops.

    Optimal Viewing

    The single pivot ball joint allows for 180º head articulation in the Z axis and 360º rotation around the base. Mounting your phone in the optimal viewing position is simple.

    Quick and Easy Installation

    Installing the Quad Lock Adhesive Dash Mount is a breeze. Simply peel off the adhesive base and adhere it to your desired location on the dash/console.


    Enhance your Chevy Silverado driving and off-roading experience with the Quad Lock Adhesive Dash Mount or the Quad Lock Vent Mount. The Quad Lock phone mounts offer reliability, versatility, and ease of use, ensuring that your phone remains securely in place while you focus on the road ahead.

    Upgrade your mount with a wireless charging head for cable-free convenience! Charge your phone on the go with ease.


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