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Google Pixel 8 – Specs, Rumours, and Leaks

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are launching on October 4th, and we've got everything you need to know before Google debuts its new flagship phone range.


Google's next generation of Pixel phones is rumoured to feature several upgrades and changes to the design, Google Tensor chip, camera, and software features. Here's a rundown of the rumours so far:

Key Rumoured Changes
  • Satin finish
  • All-new Google Tensor G3
  • Fully upgraded camera
  • Google AI integration to help you get even more done, faster
  • Safety features
  • Longer battery life
Pixel 8 Pro

The Pixel 8 Pro comes in a polished aluminium frame and matte back glass. Designed with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus and IP68 protection, the phone can withstand scratches, dust, and spills.

  • Colours: Sky Blue, Porcelain, Black
  • Size: 6.7 inches

Twitter @evleaks

Pixel 8

The Pixel 8 comes in a sleek modern design, with a satin finish.

  • Colours: Peony, Grey and Obsidian Black.
  • Size: 6.1 inches

Twitter @evleaks

Google Tensor G3 Tensor

Both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are rumoured to receive the new Google Tensor G3 chip, which is custom-made with the use of Google AI to enable amazing photo and video capturing, as well as overall speed and efficiency.

Pixel 8 Pro

The Pixel 8 Pro comes with four upgraded cameras, delivering the best image quality ever seen on a Pixel phone.

  1. The 50MP main camera features a larger sensor and faster lens than previous Pixel phones, resulting in brighter and sharper low-light photos.
  2. The 48MP ultrawide camera has also been upgraded, with a wider field of view making it perfect for capturing expansive landscapes and group photos.
  3. The 48MP telephoto camera offers the best zoom ever on a Pixel phone, this means you can get close-up shots of distant subjects without sacrificing image quality.
  4. The 10.5MP front camera has also been improved, with a new sensor and lens that produce sharper and more detailed selfies.

Twitter @Za_Raczke

Pixel 8

The Pixel 8's new Macro Focus mode lets you capture super sharp close-ups, even without an extra telephoto lens. This mode creates vivid colours and striking contrast in even the smallest objects, even in low light. And with Night Sight, you can capture high-quality photos even in the darkest conditions.

These upgrades also mean improved video quality, with sharper, smoother footage and clearer audio for both the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. Audio Magic Eraser uses Google AI to reduce loud unwanted noises, such as cars, wind, or construction, with just a few taps.

Twitter @Za_Raczke

Safety Features

Google's Pixel 8 range might include a new safety feature called Car Crash Detection. This feature can automatically call emergency services for you if you are in a severe car accident and are unable to do so yourself. Additionally, if you are wearing your  Google Pixel Watch, its Fall Detection feature can also connect you with emergency services if it detects a fall.

Twitter @Za_Raczke

Google AI & Google Assistant

A great feature that is rumoured to be in the new Pixel range is the Live Translate feature. You can have face-to-face conversations in 49 languages, transcribe messages in real-time, and translate signs. It's a perfect feature for travellers.

Twitter @Za_Raczke


The Pixel 8 range is said to have an Adaptive Battery that lasts over 24 hours, up to 72 hours with Extreme Battery Saver.

Pixel 8 Pro

Battery capacity is rumoured to increase from 5000mAh to 5050mAh.

Pixel 8

Battery capacity is rumoured to increase from 4355mAh to 4575mAh.


Google's new Pixel 8 range is expected to cost $100 more than last year's Pixel 7 range, with the Pixel 8 starting at $699 and the Pixel 8 Pro starting at $999.

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