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Ultimate iPhone & Galaxy Mount for Kawasaki Motorcycle

If you have been looking for a secure smartphone mount for your Kawasaki Motorcycle then we have the ultimate solution.

The Quad Lock Motorcycle handlebar mount will enable to you to easily access your iPhone or Galaxy for navigation on the go. With multiple mounting configurations, you can use the Quad Lock Handlebar Mount on many different models including the Vulcan S, Ninja, Z1000 and Z300.

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Whether you are a sports bike rider, cruiser, adventurer or off-road enthusiast and need to navigate using GPS on an off-road adventure or find the fastest route to work, you are going to need a reliable system to mount your iPhone or Galaxy to your Kawasaki securely.

Watch our Motorcycle Mount video below to find out more:
Key Features of the Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount:
  • Super strong and secure Dual Stage Locking Mount
  • Convenient for using Navigation Apps on the go such as Waze
  • Discrete, sleek design
  • Coloured Lever Options available 
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • Fits many Kawasaki models including the Vulcan S, Ninja, Z1000 and Z300

What's Included & Installation Guide- iPhone/Galaxy Motorcycle Mount

To install the Quad Lock handlebar mount to your Kawasaki, check out the following video which shows what's included in the kit and step-by-step instructions:

We also know that the Kawasaki bikes are high performers, built for speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering on paved roads so you will want to be confident that your iPhone or Galaxy won't be going anywhere anytime soon when riding your Kawasaki.

With our Quad Lock motorcycle mounts rapidly gaining popularity, we are noticing a big trend with more and more people mounting their iPhone or Galaxy to their Kawasaki whether its on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or in a Motorcycle Fan Club or Facebook Community. 

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Quad Lock Product Installs by Kawasaki riders on Youtube

Just to show you how easy it is to install, we gathered a couple of the latest Youtube reviews by Kawasaki riders who demonstrate how to quick and easily they install their Quad Lock mounts onto their rides.

Vlogger @Webon_one recently installed a Quad Lock on his Kawasaki Z1000.

Quad Lock Handlebar Mount install on a Ninja 300 by @CaptainYanni

Kawasaki Riders Using Quad Lock Motorcycle Mounts on Instagram- #quadlock

Whether it's a Zephyr 1100, Ninja or a Vulcan, we are starting to see lots more Kawasaki riders posting pics of their bikes with the handlebar mounts. Follow our Quad Lock Motorcycle Page on Instagram for more pics here @quadlockmoto

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