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Quad Lock 360 Head - Lever
$27.95 AUD

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Quickly attach & detach your smartphone with our super secure dual-stage Quad Lock 360 Lever Head.

The Lever Head can be fixed to any 360 ARM or BASE at 10 degree intervals.

The blue lever can be replaced with one of our red, black or white coloured levers (sold seperately).

Quad Lock 360 Lever Head

  • 1 x Quad Lock 360 Lever Head

Made from a combination of tough nylon and stainless steel aluminium.

The Quad Lock Lever Head sits 13.9mm high and has a total width of 67.6mm.

Features our patented dual-stage lock.

Tech Specs for Quad Lock Lever Head

The Quad Lock 360 Lever Head is compatible with all Quad Lock 360 Arms and Bases.

It is also compatible with the following Quad Lock mounts.

  • Out Front Mount
  • Out Front Mount Pro
  • Motorcycle Handlebar Mount
  • Mirror Mount
  • Fork Stem Mount
  • Ball Adaptor
  • Quick Release Strap Mount

Build Your Own mount to match your active lifestyle with the Quad Lock 360™ Kit Builder

Build your own

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